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Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


written by Doug Bithell

Owner: Santa

YEAR: 1851                                                 MAKE AND MODEL: STUDEBAKER SLEIGH

COLOR: RED                                               UPHOLSTERY: BLACK LEATHER

POWER: 8 REINDEER                                TRANS: LEATHER REINS

REAR END: YES                                          WHEELS: NO

December brings us one of the most famous and seldom seen rides in CAL-RODS. It is the 1851 Studebaker Sleigh of Nick and Merry Claus.   Nick has had the Studebaker for many years and during that time he has made lots of changes. He has run it stock, he has run it without wheels, he has powered it with hay burners, and he has powered it with nitromethane. The following pictures will show you the original Studebaker Sleigh and some of the many modifications he has made over the years.   Nick doesn’t do a lot of shows or travel too far, but much to the delight of children everywhere, there is one show he does every year that involves a little traveling, (349,576,043 miles). This show starts at midnight and ends just before daylight every December 25th. Nick has never missed this show for those who have been nice.  Nick has lots of ideas for the future of his ride and plans to keep it in CAL-RODS for many years.


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