PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


written by Ron Merry

Owners: Bill & Linda Seal

Bill and Linda Seal’s ’23 Ford “T Bucket” is December’s featured Car.  Bill started this project in 1995 and finished in 2000.  The power for the car comes from a V-8 60 engine with twin carbs, aluminum heads and a mild cam.  The transmission is a 5-speed Toyota, and the rear end is a S10.  The car is painted black with brown upholstery with Indy style mag wheels.

The chassis was built by Bill, along with the suspension and the exhaust system.  Wildwood breaks stop the car with all the adaptors also built by Bill.   The gas tank is an Acme beer keg.   Bill even built the brass radiator shell which nicely accents the black paint.

The trailer that Bill built follows the car everywhere and carries camping and wet-weather gear because this car gets driven!  Since its completion in 2000, Bill and Linda have put over 95,000 miles on the car, mostly on back roads where they prefer scenery to freeways.  It's been up and down the western states; California, Oregon and Washington, in all kinds of weather, including rain, heat and an occasional snow.  Sometimes their trips take them 2-2 ½ months.  They camp in national parks, but occasionally stay in motels.  Like the popular song of the late 50’s; this bucket does have a hole in it and since it doesn’t have a top, Bill put several holes in the floor to let the rain out.

Linda says the car is “her baby,” and Bill’s is the 30-foot Ketch they sail when not driving somewhere. 

This car is a fine example of what hot-rodding was all about years ago when we drove our cars and not to just car shows.

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