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Written by Doug Bithell

OWNERS: Daniel & Roni Diaz

YEAR:   1928                                             MAKE:  Ford Tudor Sedan

COLOR: Grey Primer & Graphics       UPHOLSTERY: Black & White Tuck & Roll  

ENGINE: 350 C.I. Chevy                    TRANS: 350 Chevy

REAR END: Chevy              WHEELS: Painted Steel Rims

Daniel Diaz & his wife Roni are the proud owners of this month’s featured car, a classic style 1928 Ford hot rod.

Daniel was actually looking for a 49, 50, or 51 Ford Shoe Box when he found this 28 Ford, liked it and bought it. Daniel would like to pay tribute to Peter Fiorito Jr., the original builder of the car. Peter was quite well known in the hot rod world. He was involved in the informal gathering of the “Doughnut Derelicts” of Huntington Beach Calif. and started a similar group in Las Vegas called the “Doughnut Delinquents”. He also was the founder of “The Road Masters” car club of Las Vegas, Nev.

Daniel had a problem; his car and other cars built by Peter were quite unique and would be recognized so Daniel repainted his car with the grey primer and graphics and created his own identity. I’m sure you all recognize the graphics as the Flying Tigers of years past in World War Two, but did you know Daniel’s graphics are a replica of the original ones? Daniel took a picture of a picture of a P-40 Mustang fighter plane and had a photographer print a copy to the exact size of the space he had on his car which he used for a template. The car has been chopped 31/5 inches, body channeled, and the 32-grille shell was chopped 17/8". This old-style cool ride gets lots of looks and is fun to drive. In the 12 years since they bought it, they have taken the car to Las Vegas three times, Santa Anita, Cool Cruise, and lots of local shows and plan on lots more. Thanks, Daniel, for being in CAL-RODS with your hot rod.

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