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Written by Ron Merry


Year:  1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Engine:  Stock 327       Transmission: 4 speed

Upholstery:  Original Stock Black Leather    Color:  Blue

The ’63 is considered the most significant Corvette model year.  This beautiful car was the first corvette “sting ray” coupe and it featured a distinctive tapering deck and a spilt rear window.  The spilt rear window was unique to the ’63 and was eliminated the following year.  The tapering deck feature later appeared on the 1971 “Boattail” Buick Riviera. 

Along with the distinctive “sting ray” styling, the ’63 Corvette introduced an independent rear suspension that greatly enhanced the ride and handling of the car.  It wasn’t until 29 years later that Chrysler began installing them on the 1991 Viper.  The only other car on the road at that time that had an independent suspension was the Jaguar.  Chevrolet only built 10,400 of the ’63’ sting rays. 

This car is totally stock and all original.

Chuck and Susan have owned the car for 25 years and the car has 74,000 miles on it, all original.  Chuck has many more finished and unfinished cars in his warehouse, but Susan says the ’63 is their pride and joy; she also mentioned that Chuck has enough cars.  (Do you ever have enough cars?)

In conclusion, this beautiful Corvette is an excellent example of the group of fine cars in CAL-RODS. 

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