PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


By Ron Merry

Owners: Art & Lina Fisher

The featured car for March 2020 is a 1975 Plymouth Duster.  It started out as a stock 6 cylinder “mom grocery getter.”  Although it can still get the groceries, it can get to the store and back a lot faster with the “few” improvements that have been made to it. 

First, the slant 6 was replaced by a 360 cu in engine, and an Edelbrock performance package was added along with a high capacity radiator to cool the bigger engine.  The exhaust flows through Harold Headers into flow master mufflers.

The transmission is performance modified with a Hurst floor mounted torqueflite shifter kit.  The rear suspension is a Mopar 8 ΒΌ rear end on leaf performance springs.

Wheels are Mopar all chrome Rallye wheels with the front carrying BF Goodrich P215x70R14 and the rear P2x60x15.

To stop the car, the front brakes have been converted to disk, with drums on the rear, and all four being boosted.  Steering for the car has been upgraded to power.

The body is repainted to its original color, sienna metallic with cuda style billboards side striping and a dual snorkel hood scoop has been added to the black matte painted hood.

Front and rear bumpers have been moved 2 inches closer to the body which enhances the look and the tail light lenses have been modified.

The interior is done in black with the Duster logo on the doors.  The front bucket seats are from an unknown source and Art says they’re comfortable, so they stayed.  The rest of the interior is restored to stock.

All in all, the car is very nicely done and will look good sitting next to other CAL-RODS cars at future shows.

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