PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


written by Doug Bithell

Owner: Mike Thompsett

YEAR:  1957                                                               MAKE AND MODEL:   CHEVROLET 210 POST


ENGINE:  350                                                            TRANS:  350 TRANS

REAR END:  STOCK CHEVY                                     FRONT END: STOCK CHEVY                                       


Mike and Valarie Thompsett are the proud owners of this month's featured car. This classic 1957 Chevrolet was born in Kanas City. It was originally Black with a 6-cylinder engine. It worked its way west and ended up in Temecula before Mike found it in 2010.

I asked Mike why the 57 Chevy and he replied “always wanted a tri-five Chevy”. He had look for some time before he found this one, including a 55 he found in New Mexico which the guy sold before he got there to pay for it. But he got his beauty.

The previous owner had put the V-8 in it and had started fixing it up. Seems he got into horses and kind of forgot about the 57 Chevy. So, when Mike bought it had been sitting for a while. He drove it home from Temecula to put his touches on it. The headliner was a little tattered, so he went to work removing it. As he was proceeding to remove it, a couple of rat nests fell, letting him know they had been there first. He has been working on it ever since then and will be for years to come.

He has taken the 57 to the Veterans Show in Yorba Linda, Pasadena Show, Santa Anita, several local functions, and plans to take to more shows in the future including the upcoming cruise to Mentone.

A fine representation of the CAL-RODS.  

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