PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


Written by Ron Merry

Owners: Bob & Linda Combe

Bob and Linda's truck is a 1942 GMC flatbed dully. Bob found the truck in a field outside of Boise, Idaho; weeds growing around it and lots of body rust, and needing lots of bodywork.  He took the truck apart, down to the frame and sent the cab, fenders, etc. for the needed bodywork and paint.  Any places where metal was badly bent or rusted, it was cut out and metal patches were welded in; Bob said no “bondo.”

The chrome is all original, refurbished of course.  The upholstery is nicely done in black and in keeping with the all original theme was kept simple.

Bob was meticulous in keeping the rebuild exactly like the original, including finding the molds for the original tires and having duplicates made for the restoration.

One of the outstanding appearing features of the truck is the wood work that was done for the bed and the side rails, all hand crafted by Bob.

Although a workhorse in its day, it’s doubtful this beautiful truck is ever going to haul hay or farm implements again.

The engine is the rebuilt original 228 cu in OHV, and the electrical system has the rebuilt original generator and new wiring, but like the original, it remains a 6-volt system.

Bob finished the restoration in April, after a 2-year effort, and took the truck to his very first car show in Solvang where the truck won Best of Class.

This truck is unique in the all original look and meticulous attention to detail, a great addition to the fine stable of cars that is Cal-Rods.

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