PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


Written by Ron Merry

Owners: Bob and Linda Combe 

Year:  1936  Ford               Model:  Roadster

Engine:  460 Ford              Trans:  Ford C6       Rear End:  Posi w/3.50:1 gears

Suspension:  Includes Tubular Frame w/Disc Brakes

Color:  Black w/Blue and Purple Flames         Upholstery:  Grey

Wheels:  Halibrand w/21.5” wide rear tires

This beautiful roadster is as fast as it is good looking.  The 460 Big Block Engine has been bored and stroked to 514 cu.in.; has a BDS 871 Blower w/15 pounds of boost; Cobra jet heads and has been dyno tested at 1,100 horsepower.  So, with this power plant in a lightweight roadster, this car definitely lives up to its license plate statement (KWIK 36).

Along with the fine-looking engine compartment, paint and upholstery, the roadster has many nice touches such as the custom dash, including a glove box, tilt hood and side panels, upholstered door side panels with flamed metal inserts and others too numerous to list.

This roadster is the perfect counterpoint to Bob’s beautifully restored all stock ‘42 GMC truck with the ’42 on one extreme as the ‘mild’ one and the roadster on the other extreme as the ‘wild’ one. When the roadster fires up, there’s no doubt that it’s a “hot rod.”

Whichever one you are partial to; both are examples of the fine cars in the CAL-RODS stable of great cars.

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